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Please read and acknowledge these terms before using OPA to access court records: 1.

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Unofficial records - The information available on OPA is provided as a service and is not considered an official court record. Limited case record information - The information available on OPA is limited to case search results, registers of action, and civil judgments for publicly accessible court case records.

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Electronic copies of public documents are not available at this time through OPA. OPA should not be used for background checks.

CAUTION: Name searches can be unreliable - Use caution in evaluating OPA data, as the person for whom you have searched could have the same name, birth date, or other identifiers as another individual. Even if you believe your search has returned the correct match and the information appears to be about the person for whom you have searched, remember that: two or more people can have the same name and birth date and criminal offenders frequently use aliases, including the names of others.

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Outreach ice. Freedom for Immigrants visits and monitors 55 immigrant prisons and jails throughout the US and runs a national hotline for detained immigrants. Federal bureau of prisons facilities with ICE detention. These six organizations offer free legal help and other assistance to immigrants and their families:.

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IFT has mobilized to help parents currently detained through the following immediate actions:. Paying bonds and providing pro bono legal representation to fulfill all legal responsibilities while awaiting trial so that they may be with their children. Arranging safe transportation from state of detention to the city where children are currently in foster care.

When needed, finding longterm housing in the destination city while they await trial. Connecting parents in cities with resources in order to sustain them during the process of being unified with their children. Working with local organizations and government to expedite the process of achieving full custody of their children while they await trial.

IFT is also creating a toolkit to allow other concerned citizens to replicate their model in order to help bring parents back to their children across the country as quickly as possible. According to the organization, an estimated 86 percent of those detained in Arizona would have no legal representation without their assistance.

American Lutherans have deep immigrant roots and a passionate commitment to welcoming newcomers, especially those most vulnerable and in need. LIRS's faith based organization partners with community-based legal and social service providers nationwide, to help people caught in conflict and facing persecution.

The agency provides free and low-cost legal services to immigrant families to ensure fair treatment under US law. RAICES aims to "directly fund the bond necessary to get parents out of detention and reunited with their children while awaiting court proceedings" and "ensure legal representation for EVERY child in Texas' immigration courts. They have collected more than 5. They strive for fundamental fairness through high-quality legal representation and by advancing the child's best interests, safety, and well-being.

Tsion Chudnovsky , Esq.

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