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US Citizens may apply for or renew passports at all courthouse locations!

Estate Planning Avoiding Probate. By Julie Garber. The name of the executor of the estate.

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The attorney the executor has hired. The judge presiding over the case. In some cases, the name of all of the beneficiaries of the estate. Appear in person and ask for a copy of the will, or make a written request by fax or mail. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing. You will then receive an email at the address you provided during the registration process. This email contains a link to complete your new account registration.

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Read more about Attorney of Record Access. Registered User Access. Read more about Registered User Access. Commercial Data Services. District Court, Middle District of Florida. He assumed senior status on December 31, County population nearly doubles again to , In , Legislature establishes nonpartisan election of judges.

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Leroy H. As of , Judge Moe is the longest-serving circuit judge in the State of Florida. Thomas J. Reddick appointed first black Circuit Court Judge.

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Bridge was first woman to serve a state rather than a fee-based court in Broward County. By special election held on March 22, amendment to Article V of Florida Constitution consolidates 14 different statewide trial courts into two-tier trial court system consisting of Circuit Courts and County Courts. Amendment abolishes small claims and municipal courts, now part of County Court.

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Robert A. September, Miette K. Burnstein, a Hungarian immigrant and Hollywood attorney, elected first woman circuit judge in Broward County, assuming office in January Later, Burnstein became the first and only woman chief judge, serving from until Alcee L.

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Hastings appointed Circuit Court Judge, serving until District Court, Southern District of Florida, serving until Elected first Broward County black to serve in Congress, from to present. Population tops one million residents, standing at 1,, Broward County Women Lawyers Association established. Bobby W. Gunther served until William P. Dimitrouleas appointed Circuit Judge, serving until President William J.

Clinton nominates him to U.

Carole Y. Taylor appointed first black woman to serve on the Fourth District Court of Appeal in Fogan presides over the first session of Drug Court, created by administrative order. One of the first such alternative treatment courts in the nation, this court was expected to process 1, offenders a year. North Judicial Complex Building completed. James I. Cohn appointed Circuit Judge, serving until