Identifying johnson outboard motor serial numbers

HI all Having a bit of trouble, I am having some trouble identifying an outboard i own, it doesnt have the identification plate on the mount or anywhere else for that matter, however the silver core on the powerhead reads the following [M] C the [M] is just a m in a box on the plug, my first thoughts were mercury, but the hood has johnson Many Thanks John.

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MengWalton , Jul 10, Post at least four photos. You may have a replacment soft-plug. There will be some numbers on the Carb and possibly on the power head. The only numbers on there are the ones on the core on the powerhead, ill double check tomorrow and post but im pretty sure there the only numbers, is there anything I should look out for? Thanks John. Sorry, I cant see what your looking at.

Photos would help a lot. Some numbers were on a tag on the clamp part.

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Right on top or near the top of the transome. I can't recall any numbers stamped into the castings anywhere. Those numbers on the Soft plug are important though.

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If they are original, they'll probably answer your questions. Australia where god kissed the earth. Number of cylinders? JPG File size: 1. JPG File size: MengWalton , Jul 11, That looks like a hp johnson from the 60's to early 70's. The number on the disc is the serial number. Bruce46 , Jul 11, Reli, that old, doesnt look that old tbh, Im after some replacement parts, any hope?

Johnson outboard lower unit identification

Yeah its reli thats old, maybe more. Thanks for the tip Bill! I looked at the motor and found what i believe is the model number but im having a hard time locating this number on the Evinrude operation guide page! Message 3 of 32, Views. Reply 0 Kudos. That appears to be a 6hp.

Message 4 of 32, Views. Thanks again Bill! Message 5 of 32, Views. Hi Bill, Jumping in from this old posting. Can you help? The serial is Message 6 of 29, Views. Message 7 of 29, Views. The drive shaft is a one piece. Is there a master serial number list for all the engine produced over the years to know?

Message 8 of 29, Views. They continued to lead in the development of four-stroke engines throughout the s as US and European exhaust emissions regulations such as CARB California Air Resources Board led to the proliferation of four-stroke outboards. At first, North American manufacturers such as Mercury and OMC used engine technology from Japanese manufacturers such as Yamaha and Suzuki until they were able to develop their own four-stroke engine. The inherent advantages of four-stroke motors included: lower pollution especially oil in the water , noise reduction, increase fuel economy, and increased low rpm torque.

Some are carburetted, usually the smaller engines. The balance are electronically fuel-injected. Depending on the manufacturer, newer engines benefit from advanced technology such as multiple valves per cylinder, variable camshaft timing Honda's VTEC , boosted low end torque Honda's BLAST , 3-way cooling systems, and closed loop fuel injection. Mercury Verado four-strokes are unique in that they are supercharged.

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Each brand boasts a different method of DI. Fuel economy on both direct injected and four-stroke outboards measures from a 10 percent to 80 percent improvement, compared with conventional two-strokes. Depending on rpm and load at cruising speeds, figure on about a 30 percent mileage improvement. However, the gap between two-stroke and four-stroke outboard fuel economy is beginning to narrow. Two-stroke outboard motor manufacturers have recently introduced new technologies that help to improve two-stroke fuel economy.

In , Lehr inc. Tohatsu currently also produces propane powered models, all rated 5hp. Conversion of larger outboards to run on Liquified petroleum gas is considered unusual and exotic although some hobbyists continue to experiment.

Mercury Outboard Serial Number Guide

It is important to select a motor that is a good match for the hull in terms of power and shaft length. Overpowering is a dangerous condition that can lead to the transom accelerating past the rest of the vessel [19] and underpowering often results in a boat that is incapable of performing in the role for which it was designed. Boats built in the U. Outboard motor shaft lengths are standardized to fit inch, inch and inch transoms. If the shaft is too long it will extend farther into the water than necessary creating drag , which will impair performance and fuel economy.

If the shaft is too short, the motor will be prone to ventilation. Even worse, if the water intake ports on the lower unit are not sufficiently submerged, engine overheating is likely, which can result in severe damage. Different outboard engine brands require different transom dimensions and sizes, that affects performance and trim. Motor height on the transom is an important factor in achieving optimal performance. The motor should be as high as possible without ventilating or loss of water pressure.

This minimizes the effect of hydrodynamic drag while underway, allowing for greater speed. Generally, the antiventilation plate should be about the same height as, or up to two inches higher than, the keel , with the motor in neutral trim. Trim is the angle of the motor in relation to the hull, as illustrated below. The ideal trim angle is the one in which the boat rides level, with most of the hull on the surface instead of plowing through the water. If the motor is trimmed out too far, the bow will ride too high in the water. With too little trim, the bow rides too low.

The optimal trim setting will vary depending on many factors including speed, hull design, weight and balance, and conditions on the water wind and waves.

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Many large outboards are equipped with power trim , an electric motor on the mounting bracket, with a switch at the helm that enables the operator to adjust the trim angle on the fly. In this case, the motor should be trimmed fully in to start, and trimmed out with an eye on the tachometer as the boat gains momentum, until it reaches the point just before ventilation begins or further trim adjustment results in an RPM increase with no increase in speed.

Motors not equipped with power trim are manually adjustable using a pin called a topper tilt lock.