Copying vinyl records to computer

This tutorial has been broken into several sub-tutorials for ease of reading as there is a lot of material to read and digest. The following topics are covered and should be followed in the order presented here:.

How to convert vinyl into MP3

The following tutorials address additional special interest topics which may not be of use or interest to the general user who wishes to transcribe LPs, tapes or other media:. The following articles in the Audacity Wiki are likely to be of use when transferring cassette tapes.

They deal with issues like: head cleaning, azimuth setting and common cassette deck faults including magnetized tape heads:. Before you start recording, make sure your deck is working optimally. Check your cartridge too. Is the tip free of fluff?

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Are the tracking force and bias adjusted correctly? These simple things can help produce a better-sounding recording. In stark contrast to the few seconds that ripping a typical track from CD takes, vinyl can only be recorded in real time. So take your time. Also, make sure your records are spotless and dust-free. Remember: any hisses, clicks and pops will be recorded along with the music. What format should you record in?

Getting Started

CD music or music files usually have metadata built in. In the case of music files this includes album art plus track information. Sounds sooo sweet but after all that cleaning and maintenance you just want to know how to record your vinyl to computer so you can preserve them or add them to your running playlist. Connect the turntable to your computer.

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Use Audacity. Adjust levels and start recording. Now play your vinyl.

[HOWTO] Convert Vinyl Records to CD or MP3

When over pause recording to flip the vinyl and repeat. Remove the gaps and the noise. Edit the tags. Export your project to your preferred audio format. FYI: If all this sounds too much for you then some new record players can rip directly to a USB drive or SD card without the need for a computer you may still need a computer to polish things. Though in my opinion the method I have outlined here would give you the most polished outcome.

Copying Vinyl to CD - Legal? - QOTD

While recording your vinyl sounds like quite a process, there are some great benefits to it as well. Recording vinyl to digital enables you to capture some of that warm, emotion provoking sound with many advantages. You will most likely need a stereo male RCA to 3.

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This is my preferred method as it is the neatest and offers good sound quality as well. It should be under the Input part of the audio settings in a drop-down list. In Windows 10 lastest update , right click the sound icon in the bottom right of the task bar and select Open Sound Settings. In sound settings, under Input and then Choose Your Input Device select your audio device from a drop down list and the click on Device Properties. Now select the Advanced tab. Here make sure that the right format is selected as per your input device.

In the Advanced settings tab, for the device, make sure that the computer is set to capture audio in stereo and also with the same bit depth and sampling rate as your line in to USB converter read the specifications on the box. For reference CD quality has a bit depth of 16 bits and a sampling rate of 44, khz in stereo. This is a great idea especially if you have some awesome speakers hooked up to the computer. In the Device Properties box from earlier, click on the Listen tab.

Also, your device will show up in the Sound Mixer when you right click the sound icon. In my opinion, the best vinyl ripping software is Audacity. Audacity is a free audio editor available to download for Mac, Windows and Linux. While it can do many things, it is easy to use for ripping vinyl records. This guide will show you how to record vinyls on to your computer using Audacity.

You can find a comparison between Audacity and Vinyl Studio here. This way the vinyl record will be captured sounding top notch so you can proudly archive it in to your collection. In the toolbar under the menu look for the microphone symbol with a drop down list and select your audio capture device.

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Also, look in the bottom left corner of the screen and ensure that the sample rate there is the same as your device sample rate. In the toolbar to the right of the above mentioned microphone button is another microphone button. Click it and it will say Start Monitoring click that. To the right of that after a level meter 2 actually there a slider to adjust the recording level mic icon.