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Adventurer and man to get you out of jam, Ernest Shackleton escaped after being stranded in Antarctica. Shackleton was probably tempting fate in when he set off in his boat, Endurance, on an expedition to cross Antarctica via the South Pole. Still, it was a quality he and his crew all shared. After the ship got trapped in the ice and eventually sank, they were all left stuck on a vast bit of ice for over two months.

Sceptics cast doubt but life rolls on for WA's water divining hypnotist Ziggy Sieczka

Shackleton and his crew escaped in lifeboats to the tiny Elephant Island… but it was uninhabited and inhospitable. Not one to be deterred, Shackleton went out in search of help — no mean feat when they were miles from civilisation. First, he sailed with five of his men across near frozen seas in one of the tiny, open lifeboats. Then, having landed on the island of South Georgia, he had to lead a mountain climbing expedition, with no map, across the island before eventually reaching a base on the other side.

Without the modern aids of radios, GPS or emergency helicopters Shackleton achieved the near impossible. Once he reached help, rescue parties were sent for his crew and, remarkably, every single member made it home. One of his contemporaries later commented, whatever qualities other polar explores, like Scott of the Antarctic or Roald Amundsen, had: "when disaster strikes and all hope is gone, get down on your knees and pray for Shackleton. In Mandela was the deputy president of the African National Congress — a party determined to overthrow the racist apartheid regime in South Africa.

Initially its policies were non-violent, but this changed after state police killed 69 black activists in Now the ANC, and Mandela with it, agreed to attacks on the state. Railway tracks, power lines and government buildings were all targeted and though the intention was never to kill, lives were lost. After his arrest in Mandela was sentenced to life in prison and he was held on the remote Robben Island. Yet the opposite happened. Mandela became the focal point for a global campaign against apartheid which eventually forced the South African government to change its mind.

He was finally released in Instead, he governed for the whole country, arguably preventing a civil war. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which aimed to heal South Africa through confession and forgiveness rather than revenge, was established during his time in office.

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It has since been used as a model for other countries. Main content. The Finalists. Alan Turing. Category Winners. Muhammad Ali Sports Stars Winner. David Bowie Entertainers Winner. Alan Turing Scientists Winner. Ernest Shackleton Explorers Winner. One of the biggest problems for beginning teachers is classroom management. Teachers are often afraid to let the students get out of their seats for fear of losing control. How then can teachers incorporate active learning and fun assignments while still maintaining rules and standards of behavior?

An English teacher from disadvantaged high school comes to you for advice.

Her students can read the words well enough, but their comprehension of literary works is awful. She wants to know some specific techniques that you used that helped students better comprehend literature. What are your suggestions to her? Can you talk a little about what is learned during National Board Certification that would benefit veteran teachers who think they might not need it? You have been very successful with your books for young adults and middle-grades readers.

Every 3 seconds someone takes the career test by CareerFitter.

Why should students read books other than "the classics," how did you get started as an author, and how can teachers implement your books into their classrooms? What books have you read that helped shape and influence you as a teacher and what did you take from each one? Why should literature be taught in the classroom?

If the goal is to improve students' writing skills, grammar, spelling, critical thinking, organization of ideas, etc.

View Cart. Study Guides. Common Core. All Draper Books. Visit My School. Important Links. Welcome Teachers! Teaching is our passion, our challenge, and and our joy. Whether you are a student in a school of education, just trying to decide if this is the right place for you, or a student teacher, or an experienced teacher who is "not quite burned out, but crispy around the edges," this area is designed for your inspiration and encouragement.

Teaching is an avocation, not a job, and we who teach sometimes need to be reminded of the importance of the work we do. We need to remember the joys, and we need to listen to someone who understands the difficulties of our daily activities. We need to be reminded of the faces of the children who need us. A child, unlike any other, yet identical to all those who have preceded and all who will follow, sits in a classroom today--hopeful, enthusiastic, curious.

In that child sleeps the vision and the wisdom of the ages.

What CAREER shoud you have? (Personality test)

The touch of a teacher will make the difference. Thank you for all you do.

Trusted by universities, career coaches, and companies around the world.

General Teaching Questions and Answers: 1. Common Core Common Core is here, and to make it easy and user friendly for you, I have provided questions for every single young adult book that include the Standards and the Strands so you can easily reference them for lesson planning.

In addition, you will find a separate analysis and alignment on the books as trilogies, and other titles well. The test separates work values into six separate clusters.

source site Once you've completed the test, you are assigned one of those clusters -- then, you're shown a list of occupations, ranked by how well each position matches your personal values. If you're unsure which industry best suits your values, this test might offer some useful initial insights. The MAPP Career Test Motivational Appraisal Personal Potential provides you with insights regarding your career motivations, and then offers you a list of ten industries best-suited for you. Additionally, the MAPP Test matches you with specific careers in their database of over 1, roles, helping you narrow your job-hunting scope.

The MAPP test has been taken by over 8 million people since , and is offered in six different languages. While some of the other tests in this list offer general personality or value assessments, this one matches you with specific roles. If you're interested in more literal or concrete advice, this is a good test to take.

Searching for jobs requires a certain level of self-awareness, but oftentimes, it can be difficult to remain open-minded and unbiased when considering your own strengths and weaknesses. After completing the four quick tests, you're given a list of multiple jobs that require your skills.

This is a good test for identifying your job strengths, and limiting your career search to roles best-suited for your skills. PathSource created a free career assessment app for those of you who prefer using your smartphone over a desktop. Once you input personality characterists and interests, PathSource provides you with a list of potential career options, and includes information such as lifestyle and income expectations for each potential role. Additionally, the app offers 2, informational interviews, showcasing an insider's view from people in various professions.

PathSource also provides a database of careers related to various academic majors. If you're a recent graduate and are unsure which career paths you can pursue with your major, this is a helpful tool.

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