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There is one problem that still remains. Expunged convictions can still cause you problems because the statute has not kept up with the development of the internet. There are plenty of data base gathering services that will scour court records and "capture" criminal filings, book in photos and convictions. Many businesses use these services for background checks.

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The law does not currently have any effect on these services. Thus, even thought you may have had your record sealed by the court, the data base company is not required to seal anything.

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They can still report your conviction or post your "book in" photo years after the expungement. Some websites allow you to petition to have your information removed from the site, but you may have to pay a fee. Hopefully, Ohio will amend the statute to prevent the reporting of expunged convictions by these data base services, but no legislative action appears to be on the horizon. Please enter a valid email address.

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Please enter a valid phone number. Recently, there have been some major changes to Ohio Record Sealing Law. Ohio Sealing of Record laws were expanded under Senate Bill As a result, more people are eligible for sealing of record, and more charges can be sealed than under the previous Sealing of Record Statute.

Sealing of Record provides a fresh start, piece of mind and the opportunity to pursue career opportunities that may not have been available with a criminal record. Our law firm has been in business and located in central Ohio since Toggle navigation. Some offenses may not be sealed.

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These include 1 st or 2nd-degree felonies, felonies including a mandatory prison term, and certain traffic offenses. OVI violations, operating a vehicle while impaired, cannot be sealed. To be eligible for record sealing, an individual cannot have any pending criminal proceedings, and a prescribed amount of time must have passed since the offender has satisfied all sentencing requirements community control, fines, costs, restitution.

go to link There is a certain amount of time one must wait before being able to seal certain criminal convictions. They are as follows:. An alternative solution to sealing a criminal record may be to file a petition for a Certificate of Qualification for Employment CQE. This provides an individual with the presumption that the conviction is not a bar to licensure, employment, or certification.