What is a class 5 felony in arizona

Jail terms for a Class 5 Felonies include presumptively eighteen months with a minimum of nine months and a maximum of twenty-four months of incarceration. A presumptive term can be lowered in mitigated circumstances to six months. Aggravated circumstances can change a term up to thirty months incarceration.

What Is The Difference Between a Felony and a Misdemeanor?

These definitions do vary by state, so you will want to look up the exact class type in your state Class 5 felonies may not exist in your area. Class 5 felonies include various discrepancies that can include incest, aggravated assault, distribution conspiracy of drugs, conspiracy to distribute, trespassing with intent, and the performance of illegal medical procedures.

There are many more crimes that are classified as Class 5 felonies. Class 5 felonies are tried by a judge or by a jury, who may choose jail up to twelve months and a fine up to twenty-five hundred dollars, an imprisonment from one to ten years, or both circumstances combined. This kind of felony varies in each state.

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Some states do not even have Class 5 Felonies. Fines can be doubled along with imprisonment terms depending on the state of residence.

The Difference between a Felony and Misdemeanor in Arizona

For instance, a Class 5 Felony in Colorado can range from a year imprisonment with a one thousand dollar fine for a minimum sentence to three years in prison with a one hundred thousand dollar fine for a maximum sentence. Pre-Indictment Dismissal Aggravated Assault.

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Felony Theft Penalties and Sentencing Chart | Phoenix Criminal Lawyer

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What Is Class Six Felony In The State Of Arizona?

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