How to find a long lost family member

You can learn from how Oprah Winfrey finds family members to reunite.

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Her own long-lost half-sister found her by requesting her adoption records and birth papers. Checking birth and marriage records and searching Internet archives can be powerful ways to track down long-lost relatives.

Here are some of the ways that you too can find your long-lost family members. One of the great ways to find long-lost family members is through background checks. TruthFinder helps people find reliable information about long-lost family members, new neighbors, or potential dates.

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TruthFinder scours millions of entries in USA public records, social media profiles, court judgments, and other archives that are open to the public. Instant Checkmate searches local, state, and federal records to bring you reliable information about your long-lost family member. Most BDM offices have a website where you can search birth, death and marriage family history indexes, at no cost. But, you do have to pay to look at search results, and to get a copy of a certificate from BDM. Also please be aware that the registries only have information for the state they are in, and they will not be able to search nationwide for you.

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Increasingly, social networking sites are the main way people stay in touch with family and friends. Facebook currently has over 1. If you're new to the world of social media, it's best to learn as much as you can about how sites like Facebook work, and to proceed with caution. Remember that Facebook is a public space.

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Think about your privacy as well as the privacy of the person you are trying to locate. If conducting a search youself isnt proving fruitful, do not lose hope! You may need to engage the services of a professional. Remember that they will have access to a more comprehensive number of subscription-based databases - not to mention expertise in making discreet enquiries, interviewing techniques and a solid network of contacts. Online Investigations offers some great tips to help you chooose a suitable private investigator in Australia. Those who work longer hours are more likely to go bald.

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Is it a cold or is it the flu? Easy ways to prevent the flu this winter Let's get physical: W1LL is yoga for the 21st-century. Stream Foxtel Get Foxtel. Trending This Week. If you are desperate to trace a lost family member and have been searching with no success, the Long Lost Family team would like to hear from you.

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We understand that this is a very emotional quest and we will always be very sensitive to seekers who respond to us. To apply, please fill out the form below with your contact information, along with a paragraph about your situation, the family member you are searching for, and how the circumstances of your separation has impacted your life.

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