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Wear Orange weekend begins now! While nationwide, states have submitted more than two million records since the shooting at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Oklahoma has only submitted 48 records, placing it among the six states that have sent in fewer than records since NICS was established more than 20 years ago.

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Each record submitted is critical for public safety — just a single gun sale to a dangerous person could potentially lead to tragedy. The shooter at Virginia Tech in had a mental health history that prohibited him from possessing firearms, but he was able to purchase a gun because his records had not been submitted, and he was able to pass a background check as a result. It only takes one gun in the wrong hands to result in tragedy.

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Since the shooting at Sandy Hook, states have submitted more than 2. The state of Massachusetts demonstrates how effective policymaking can shore up the fatal gaps in the system and make our communities safer.

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The Freedom of Information Act of the United States of America, and their stateside equivalents, is in place to offer transparency and accountability in your local and national authorities. Learn more here. The people here enjoy the rights given by the Oklahoma Open Records Act.

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The county is also home to the city of Tulsa. Home to the city of Norman, Cleveland County is the third largest county in the state of Oklahoma. Canadian County is the fourth largest county in the state of Oklahoma. The largest city in this county is also Oklahoma City.

Public records in this county are available by law. Oklahoma State Records StateRecords. Last Name:.

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